All in one online booking platform
that change the way spa works…

Simple & user friendly

Eazy Engine is specifically designed for spa, aesthetic salon, hair/nail salon, barber and other health & beauty establishments. Our engine enables you in real time to control your inventory on hourly basis, pricing, discount for selected treatment, multiple user & outlets privilege, customize design template to match your website, among many other features which will assist you in effectively implement yield management as well as exercising time efficiency

Real time online payment & confirmation

Eazy Engine is integrated to Doku as our payment gateway that will process payment in real time for transactions by credit card and debit/bank transfer. Best of all, this payment is transfer directly to your bank account. This would mean that every confirm booking, you would get payment directly which is essentially every booking made through our engine is a confirmed and paid booking.


Free setup and flexible pricing structure

Our team will assist you in setting up and integrating booking engine to your website at no cost. In addition, for first time user we will also assist you in feeding data such as treatment, price and other description into the system. Choose between fixed price or commissionable structure.

Free listing in one of the biggest Spa & Beauty portal

By using Eazy Engine, you would be automatically listed for free on our portal which will give your spa a huge exposure on the internet.

Open 24/7

Eazy Engine allows you to receive booking 24 hours a day, even after your office is closed. Statistic shows that most bookings are made during the evening at home.